In online marketing, we come across new keywords that quickly become the norm in a heartbeat. Case in point: multi-channel, omni-channel, cross-channel marketing. Or perhaps acronyms like PPC, CPA, CTR – such terms just aren’t spelled out in full anymore.

In this article, we tackle the term “basket freeze” (also known as attribution freeze). If you work with many cost-per-action (we’ll spell it) marketing partners to increase traffic, leads and sales, this is particularly interesting for you.

What on earth is basket freeze?

Basket freeze is a method that allows you to deal with ad impressions and clicks that are generated after the check-out process has started. This means you have the power to choose to ignore all marketing activities that the customers interact with parallel to his checkout.

Why is it important?

Basket freeze makes no difference to PPC campaigns. However, if you have identified that the purchase would take place anyway with or without the additional interaction, then the touchpoint that influenced the sale does not lie in those extra interactions, but rather the ones that took place before the checkout process started. This enables you to attribute more fairly, particularly if you work with many CPA channels. This means the credit goes to the right touchpoint(s), and your strategic partnerships are better taken care of.

To learn about basket freeze in greater depth, as well as how basket freeze works and how does it affect your attribution rules, view our short informative video below!


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