We warmly welcome our new partner!
We are pleased to welcome another partner in the field of e-commerce.
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The last-minute checklist for a successful Christmas campaign
It’s almost the season to be jolly. Before your customers start singing “Last Christmas”, you might be scrambling behind the scenes to prepare your e-commerce for the last holiday shopping of the year.
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Singles’ Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday: The Time of Year for Retailers
Similar to athletes and world championship competitions, it’s becoming ever clearer that retailers, too, have a specific time of year they work towards – a handful of days that potentially bring them more sales than months do.
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Attribution in E-Commerce Part 4: Understanding and Building Your Attribution Model
We‘ve investigated the relevance of your data for attribution in part 3 of this series. We studied the amount of Single Activity Customer Journeys you have gathered and what that means for your business – after all, attribution models become unnecessary, when there is only...
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Attribution in E-Commerce Part 3: Data Relevance for Attribution
After discussing the accuracy of your data collection methods in part 2 of this series, we learnt that it is pretty much impossible to track every single interaction your client has with your brand. This is a big deal, as the accuracy of your data...
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Attribution in E-Commerce Part 2: Accuracy of Data Collection
Having explained the macro-environment related to attribution in part 1, we will be discussing all factors affecting the accuracy of data collection in this article, in order to guarantee a good foundation for attribution.
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Attribution in E-Commerce Part 1: Starting Out
With the Online Marketing Rockstars Expo behind us, we thought we should break down the masterclass our COO Robert Schneider held into a five-part series, to reiterate and delve deeper into the key points of what he said of attribution and how it is applied...
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What’s in the basket?
Swee Huang Hustedt-Teo ||
It is only natural that businesses want to find out what brings them more sales. In the online marketing world, technologies have been developed to collect data from the touchpoints in the customer journey, so marketers know which channels are more effective in impacting their...
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basket freeze
What on earth is basket freeze? [Video]
In this article, we tackle the term “basket freeze” (also known as attribution freeze). If you work with many cost-per-action (we’ll spell it) marketing partners to increase traffic, leads and sales, this is particularly interesting for you.
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