Insights – The Competitive Advantage for Businesses

Insights - The Competitive Advantage for Businesses

Most companies already generate tremendous amounts of data each day, but to translate this resource into actual value, a company needs a place to aggregate, store, organize and analyze the data – a data warehouse.

A data warehouse – also known as DWH – is a database designed to store, filter, extract and analyze large collections of data. DWH are specifically developed to work with big data, allowing to visualize data and cross analyze the information simultaneously.

The importance of data-driven decisions

The collection and analysis of data has long played an important role in enterprise-level corporations and organizations. But as humanity generates more than 2.5 quintillion bytes of data each day, it’s never been easier for businesses of all sizes to collect, analyze, and interpret data into real, actionable insights. Though data-driven decision-making has existed in business in one form or another for centuries, it’s a truly modern phenomenon.

Businesses with data-driven strategies drive up to eight times more ROI. That’s what we’re striving to achieve here – more data collection, more actions, more revenue, more growth.

Ensuring Data quality  

Bringing greater quality, consistency and accuracy to the data handled by a company, results in better decision making by its management. Thus, collecting accurate data is critical for a business long term success. 

Privacy regulations, such as the GDPR, and advancements in browser regulations  – ITP, ETP and the like – , all of these challenges make it very difficult for enterprises to ensure that their data is reliable and accurate.  

But when a data-driven organization is using incorrect information or unreliable tracking data as the basis for major business decisions, could have potentially disastrous consequences.

Improved agility and big data management   

Collecting data is one thing, but big data management is the key to compete in a globalized market. The better the data is handled, the greater its ability to react to market demand and its competitors. Our product Insights provides your business with a powerful reporting and analytics tool, that allows you to optimize your data at the granular level you need – so you can quickly identify new growth opportunities. 

Introducing Insights  

If you want to have the performance benefits of a cloud service and scalability to stretch and shrink as your business needs change, then Insights is your choice.  

Insights at a glance:  

  • BigQuery as data source for BI tools: Connect your data to any Business Intelligence system thanks to our comprehensive Google BigQuery reports.  
  • Data Studio reports: Get the full picture of your collected data in advanced Data Studio Reports.  
  • Attribution analysis: Analyze how your attribution models perform and optimize accordingly to understand why certain models are more successful than others. 
  • Customer Journey: Aggregate patterns in the customer journeys and identify the most effective combination of your conversions. 

Ingenious’ Insights provides you with the capabilities to be successful in a quick-to-deploy, easy-to-use and affordable-to-maintain product.