Data Driven Marketing

SBC Summit Barcelona 2022
The SBC Summit Barcelona 2022 - In this blog article we recap the eventful days at the SBC Summit 2022.
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Insights - The Competitive Advantage for Businesses
Insights – The Competitive Advantage for Businesses
Sabine Kamson ||,
Most companies already generate tremendous amounts of data each day, but to translate this resource into actual value, a company needs a place to aggregate, store, organize and analyze the data – a data warehouse.
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Partner Marketing is evolving – Data-Driven Partner Marketing
Marken können heutzutage eine Vielzahl von Partnerschaften auf der Grundlage eines Pay-for-Performances Modells strukturieren. Dazu gehören auch Partnerschaften, die weit über die traditionellen Affiliate-Kooperationen hinausgehen – und das stellt natürlich auch neue Anforderungen an die Technologie.
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Preview Ingenious Technologies Google Chrome 80
Ingenious is Technology ready for the next Google Chrome 80 restricting Cookie tracking
The next policy change - Google’s Chrome 80 - comes into effect on February, 4th. This widely threatened update will further limit tracking possibilities for those who are not prepared for it. 
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The last-minute checklist for a successful Christmas campaign
It’s almost the season to be jolly. Before your customers start singing “Last Christmas”, you might be scrambling behind the scenes to prepare your e-commerce for the last holiday shopping of the year.
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What Mozilla’s new measures for Firefox mean for performance marketing tracking
Christopher ||, ,
In light of an overload of advertisements and abuse of data for browser users, there has been a continuous push to protect them – be it in a form of a state regulation like GDPR, or browser providers stepping in like Safari’s ITP 2.0.
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Identifying patterns in your customer journeys
With the influx of new advertising channels and partners, marketing managers have a myriad of opportunities to reach their customers today. That also means they are frequently confronted with the following question: how effective was my campaign in bringing sales? The challenge of marketers today...
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Does tracking have a future
Does tracking have a future?
The problem with tracking 2018 has been a challenging year for businesses dependent on tracking technology to evaluate and manage their digital marketing.
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Three reasons why MarTech beats AdTech
Should businesses invest more in AdTech or MarTech? This debate lives on, as the two sectors help create personalized and engaging ads for consumers.
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what is itp and why u are covered with ingenious
What is ITP 2.0 and why you are covered with Ingenious
Recently, Apple announced the implementation of Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) 2.0 for its Safari browser.
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