SBC Summit Barcelona 2022
The SBC Summit Barcelona 2022 - In this blog article we recap the eventful days at the SBC Summit 2022.
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We warmly welcome our new partner!
We are pleased to welcome another partner in the field of e-commerce.
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Andrea Springer-Ferazin: 5 Myths busted – a behind the scenes look at idealos private affiliate network
How does one of Europe's leading shopping and comparison platforms deal with #partnermarketing? Andrea Springer-Ferazin, Teamlead Affiliate and Cooperation at idealo internet GmbH, and Dr. Siamak Haschemi, CEO at Ingenious Technologies, give us a look behind the scenes of idealo's Private Affiliate Network.
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TCF 2.0: Ingenious is registered for the new Transparency and Consent Framework
admingenerell ||,
The world of performance marketing and its tracking has been continuously challenged in the last few years, with the mission to enhance data protection as well as increase consumer transparency.
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Preview Ingenious Technologies Google Chrome 80
Ingenious is Technology ready for the next Google Chrome 80 restricting Cookie tracking
The next policy change - Google’s Chrome 80 - comes into effect on February, 4th. This widely threatened update will further limit tracking possibilities for those who are not prepared for it. 
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Google Parallel Tracking – what it is and what to do about it
Dr. Gijsbert Pols ||,
On 30 October 2018, Google will comprehensively apply so-called parallel tracking to all Google Ads. This means that any tracking links implemented in Google AdWords will be loaded in parallel with the target URL, i.e. the URL of the landing page of the advertiser.
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ETP Enhanced Tracking Prevention Firefox 69 Update - Ingenious Technologies
Publishers report revenue declines – Firefox 69
Christopher ||,
On September 3rd, Mozilla officially released the latest version of its Enhanced Tracking Protection with the release of Firefox 69. The new version is Mozilla’s answer to Safari’s ITP (Intelligent Tracking Prevention) Updates. 
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Does tracking have a future
Does tracking have a future?
The problem with tracking 2018 has been a challenging year for businesses dependent on tracking technology to evaluate and manage their digital marketing.
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what is itp and why u are covered with ingenious
What is ITP 2.0 and why you are covered with Ingenious
Recently, Apple announced the implementation of Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) 2.0 for its Safari browser.
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Attribution in E-Commerce Part 5: Which is the right attribution model for me?
Swee Huang Hustedt-Teo ||,
After discussing all the factors that you should take into consideration when creating your own attribution model, and even going step-by-step to create one, we leave you with the final instalment of Attribution in E-Commerce from our Online Marketing Rockstars Masterclass. In this article, we...
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