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Die weitreichenden Auswirkungen des Last-Click Modells auf den Markt
The far-reaching effects of last-click on the market
Vanessa Dörries ||,
It’s been over a decade since the start of affiliate marketing. Some things like types of publishers and their importance have changed drastically since the beginning. Yet, others like attribution hardly changed.
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Public vs private networks – what is better for your affiliate marketing?
The world of affiliate marketing has evolved so quickly in a span of a few years. There has been a strong spike in public networks available and technology partners that offer you the possibility to have your own private network. 
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Successful start of strategic cooperation – belboon and Ingenious Technologies set new standards in the affiliate industry
Das Berliner Performance-Netzwerk belboon und der Technologieanbieter Ingenious Technologies haben die Migration des gesamten Affiliate-Geschäfts von belboon, mit mehr als 1.800 Advertiser und 80.000 Publisher, abgeschlossen. 
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The future of digital banking is now
It’s the year 2020. Two decades past Y2K*. The industry that was once dominated by classical banks with a broad portfolio is now seeing the strengths of neo banks, fintech and the like. Since the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic hit, it has become clearer than before...
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Preview Ingenious Technologies Google Chrome 80
Ingenious is Technology ready for the next Google Chrome 80 restricting Cookie tracking
The next policy change - Google’s Chrome 80 - comes into effect on February, 4th. This widely threatened update will further limit tracking possibilities for those who are not prepared for it. 
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What Mozilla’s new measures for Firefox mean for performance marketing tracking
Christopher ||, ,
In light of an overload of advertisements and abuse of data for browser users, there has been a continuous push to protect them – be it in a form of a state regulation like GDPR, or browser providers stepping in like Safari’s ITP 2.0.
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Singles’ Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday: The Time of Year for Retailers
Similar to athletes and world championship competitions, it’s becoming ever clearer that retailers, too, have a specific time of year they work towards – a handful of days that potentially bring them more sales than months do.
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ETP Enhanced Tracking Prevention Firefox 69 Update - Ingenious Technologies
Publishers report revenue declines – Firefox 69
Christopher ||,
On September 3rd, Mozilla officially released the latest version of its Enhanced Tracking Protection with the release of Firefox 69. The new version is Mozilla’s answer to Safari’s ITP (Intelligent Tracking Prevention) Updates. 
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Identifying patterns in your customer journeys
With the influx of new advertising channels and partners, marketing managers have a myriad of opportunities to reach their customers today. That also means they are frequently confronted with the following question: how effective was my campaign in bringing sales? The challenge of marketers today...
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Three reasons why MarTech beats AdTech
Should businesses invest more in AdTech or MarTech? This debate lives on, as the two sectors help create personalized and engaging ads for consumers.
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