With Ingenious’ Tracking solution customers data was safe all along. Ingenious has been offering an alternative to the classical third party tracking model for years, anticipating the changes and challenges the industry might face in case of regulations like these.

As you might have noticed over the last months: browsers like Safari, Mozilla’s Firefox and Chrome are implementing tighter regulations when it comes to tracking. 

Now we are on the verge of an even bigger phenomenon in the web scale which is the constant adjustment of privacy and security protection of user data.

As much as those measures are in the interest of the users, they might represent serious obstacles for enterprises who rely partly – or mostly – on online activities. 

The next policy change – Google’s Chrome 80 – comes into effect on February, 4th. This widely threatened update will further limit tracking possibilities for those who are not prepared for it. 

Do less cookies mean no more cookies?  

How strict is this 2020 diet? 

As reported by AdExchanger Google is {…} instituting a policy change within the next iteration of Chrome that will severely limit cross-site cookie sharing, and most ad tech companies seem blithely unaware.”

This means that as persistent as the trend to reduce the possibilities of cookie tracking can be, we aren’t yet at a completely cookie less area. 

Chrome still allows you to track cookies, but with some conditions. Only cookies using HTTPS (websites use the HTTPS protocol to encrypt data being sent back and forth with an SSL encryption) will be accepted – as opposed to the cookies using HTTP (which is a protocol that transmits and receives data in an unsecured manner). 

This change could directly impact your data tracking activity tracking. That is, if your business isn’t prepared for the upcoming changes or doesn’t have a technology which allows them to protect their data.  

Ingenious Technologies has your back

We got you covered! For months Ingenious has been preparing its technology to make these changes as harmless as possible for your business.  

Ingenious Technologies is one of only a few players in the market offering a first-party tracking solution. With our technology, data can be tracked directly via the domain of the advertiser , and free our customers from tracking discrepancy that might come with third party tracking. 

Regarding Chrome 80, Ingenious offers all of its clients the implementation of the HTTPS protocol, and thus avoiding any complications the new Google regulation might create.

But that’s not all: tracking is a vast world, and pixels are not the only rulers. 

Server-to-server tracking has shown its reliability over time, and given all the changes applied and planned by browser regulations, if appears to be the way to go. 

Online tracking is constantly evolving, and it is our job to be ahead of what the future has in store! If you have questions regarding how the new regulations can affect your traffic, don’t hesitate to contact us, we will happy to assist you! 



Future-proof your Tracking with Ingenious!