SBC Summit Barcelona 2022
The SBC Summit Barcelona 2022 - In this blog article we recap the eventful days at the SBC Summit 2022.
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We warmly welcome our new partner!
We are pleased to welcome another partner in the field of e-commerce.
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TCF 2.0: Ingenious is registered for the new Transparency and Consent Framework
admingenerell ||,
The world of performance marketing and its tracking has been continuously challenged in the last few years, with the mission to enhance data protection as well as increase consumer transparency.
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Top tips for tackling software translation
Dr. Gijsbert Pols ||
It isn’t just about translating your system into another language, word for word. Instead, it includes the adaptation of the text into the proper context.
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What Mozilla’s new measures for Firefox mean for performance marketing tracking
Christopher ||, ,
In light of an overload of advertisements and abuse of data for browser users, there has been a continuous push to protect them – be it in a form of a state regulation like GDPR, or browser providers stepping in like Safari’s ITP 2.0.
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Google Parallel Tracking – what it is and what to do about it
Dr. Gijsbert Pols ||,
On 30 October 2018, Google will comprehensively apply so-called parallel tracking to all Google Ads. This means that any tracking links implemented in Google AdWords will be loaded in parallel with the target URL, i.e. the URL of the landing page of the advertiser.
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what is itp and why u are covered with ingenious
What is ITP 2.0 and why you are covered with Ingenious
Recently, Apple announced the implementation of Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) 2.0 for its Safari browser.
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understanding true white label FI
Understanding true white-label tracking
In the online marketing world, many tracking technologies are often labelled white-label. But when is it really white-label? Learn more.
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