Note: Please inform your partners of the following changes that will be reflected in the Partner UI on 16th April. The changes will enhance their user experience on the platform and are also designed to make way for Multi-Touch Attribution functionalities in the future.

Why would this interest me?

Before, the information found in Reporting Transactions on the Partner UI was designed to show the information of one winner per conversion, i.e. single attribution.

As you may have heard, we are working on introducing a strong Multi-Touch Attribution feature into the platform. For that to be possible, we have enhanced (and cleaned up) the information found in Reporting Transactions to make way for greater possibilities to come.

Benefits in a nutshell:


  • When looking at your conversion data under Reporting Transactions, you get the relevant information you need at a single glance.
  • If you wish to analyse your partners’ performance per touchpoint, you can export them easily.
  • The benefits of this structure will become crystal clear when Multi-Touch Attribution is ready for you to apply to your business.


How does it look now?

Currently with Single Attribution

On the Reporting Transactions page on the Partner UI, you will see that fields have been rearranged to increase the comfort of your analysis. Unnecessary information has been taken out from the filter and the display of your conversion, so you get useful details at a glance.


Updated Transactions Reporting look on Partner UI

Upon clicking on the info button on the left, you will be able to analyse the touchpoint in greater detail, with the relevant touchpoint type, device, ad space, as well as the applied attribution model, the revenue this touchpoint was responsible for and the commission the partner receives as a result.


View more Touchpoint information and easily export relevant reports

When you click on the touchpoint type (Click or View), you can gain more additional information about the touchpoint. Data such as ad media, SMC as well as original ad space in case redirected touchpoints were shown.


Click on the touchpoint type to view more information

As for the exports, we have also made it simpler for your partners to export the reports according to their needs, be it transactions or touchpoints (downloadable as XLS or CSV files).

The transaction export focuses on the conversion, i.e. time of conversion; the touchpoint export displays information such as the ad media, ad space, SMC values, touchpoint type, time of touchpoint.


Example of a touchpoint export



Coming soon with Multi-Touch Attribution

When multi-touch attribution is ready, your partners will see their contribution to the sale.

If partner A fully contributed to the sale across multiple touchpoints, he/she will be able to see – at a glance – that he/she had gained 100% of the commissions. When clicking on the info button, partner A will also see a breakdown of the touchpoints that made up 100%.


Partners’ view of their touchpoints that fully contributed to revenue – when multi-touch attribution is applied

If partner B partially contributed to the sale, he/she will be able to see that he/she had gained a percentage of the commission (in the example below 33.33%). When clicking on the info button, partner B will then see more information relevant to the touchpoint that contributed to the sale.


Partners’ view of their touchpoints that partially contributed to revenue – when multi-touch attribution is applied

More information concerning Multi-Touch Attribution will be coming soon.

If you are interested in the possibilities Multi-Touch Attribution provides, please get in touch with your dedicated customer support channels!