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Introducing Ingenious' Partnerships Product

During periods of uncertainty, people tend to look for information to help them navigate uncharted waters. Enterprises that double down on their partnership programs and forge new partnerships with affiliates, influencers, and other partners that consumers trust, are likely to weather this period better than others. 

Now is the time to ensure that your partnerships are optimized to their fullest potential, so you can weather the storm together with your most important partners — affiliates, networks, influencers and agencies. 

Understand your Partners

What do your partners need to be successful? The success of your partners’ performance may very well depend on your ability to be better attuned to:

  • Your partners’ monetization goals
  • Your partners’ audience needs
  • Your ability to convert their traffic
  • Your ability to track all of their traffic
  • Your willingness to pay them fairly for their efforts
  • Your partners’ need for transparent data

Strengthen your Partnerships.

Treat your partners like VIPs

A big step to standing out is to offer a dedicated interface where your partners can access all campaign information, dashboards, reports and billing accounts. By providing them this, you shed them from tedious work like crawling over the multiple offers from public networks. Most importantly, you create a direct relationship and show them their special status. When they feel like VIP partners, they are likely to give you much more attention, time and traffic in return.

If you already provide your partner with a dedicated interface and a first-party tracking, you are already on a way of attracting big and highly performing partners.

Aim for a long-term relationship with your partners

Think long term! Just like any business, you should aim for long-term strategy to make the most out of the relationship. All close partnerships start with trust and commitment. Communication is definitely an important aspect of it, but a good set up and tool are key for longevity.

Identify Partners who climb the charts. And those that struggle.

Monitoring your program for top performers and rising stars is an ongoing effort. In addition to keeping top partnerships happy, look for opportunities to nurture those on the rise. Often, these partners need only a little nudge to reach their full potential. In many partner programs, 20% of the partners drive 80% of the revenue.

Top partners should be rewarded for overperforming, while others should be motivated to try harder. 

How to motivate your partners to perform better.

While there are various strategies in having your own network in-house and attracting the best publishers, ensuring you have a good commission model in place is absolute key in motivating your partners. So what goodies should you prepare for your partners?

Here are some of the most popular types of partners:

  • Loyalty and rewards programs
  • Influencers
  • PPC and SEO Affiliates
  • Deal (limited time offers, etc.) aggregators
  • Coupon (discounts, cash back, etc.) aggregators
  • Community and content providers

The right equipment to manage your partnerships

  • Partner management
    Automize all your processes with partners, and get a clear overview to administer them easily from one platform.
  • Advertiser management
    Get the right info from your advertisers, at the level you chose, and manage everything from one platform: from the customizable tracking setting, to creatives, vouchers, data feeds….
  • Customized labelling
    Have full control in the way you label your partner and advertiser to adapt the data to your very own needs.
  • Key Account Information
    Customize your data to the right contact person in your organisation and save them from time consuming data filtering.
  • Adspace
    Access or upload your creatives per ad space and manage your data easily.
  • API
    With our 360 degree API integration you can connect any external data to your partnership management tool: insert external data, export data, create Advertisers, Partners, Partnerships, bypass the UI…

Be Your Program’s Best Advocate

Managing affiliates directly puts Advertisers back into the driver’s seat of their own marketing partnerships. 

In a sense, direct partner management allows advertisers to be their own best advocate. Taking their program and goals into their own hands, instead of putting 100% of their trust in a third party vendor that may not give 100% back. Instead of hoping for the best across disjointed networks and solutions, advertisers can use partner marketing platforms – like Ingenious Technologies  – to access all their affiliates and tracked data in one platform . That simplification enables better advertising, better partnerships, and better transparency for all.

Introducing Partnerships  

Connect with your partners easily, and develop long-lasting, manual work free relationships! From the application process, the acceptance, the categorization to the labelling – our Partnerships product is the tool to successfully grow your business (together with your partners).

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