multi touch attribution

Die weitreichenden Auswirkungen des Last-Click Modells auf den Markt
The far-reaching effects of last-click on the market
Vanessa Dörries ||,
It’s been over a decade since the start of affiliate marketing. Some things like types of publishers and their importance have changed drastically since the beginning. Yet, others like attribution hardly changed.
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Enhancements on Partner UI in preparation for Multi-Touch Attribution
Swee Huang Hustedt-Teo ||
Note: Please inform your partners of the following changes that will be reflected in the Partner UI on 16th April. The changes will enhance their user experience on the platform and are also designed to make way for Multi-Touch Attribution functionalities in the future.
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Attribution in E-Commerce Part 2: Accuracy of Data Collection
Having explained the macro-environment related to attribution in part 1, we will be discussing all factors affecting the accuracy of data collection in this article, in order to guarantee a good foundation for attribution.
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