Due to the Corona pandemic, many of us were forced to deal with the concept of working from home. While some are already scuffling their feet and can hardly wait to get back to the office, for others the advantages of a remote culture outweigh the disadvantages, and they are therefore very happy to be working from home.

At Ingenious Technologies, we have been living the remote culture for a long time and therefore already enjoy the advantage or the chance to access a grown talent pool and thus hire qualified colleagues regardless of their location. The concern that new colleagues would not be integrated as well due to a purely virtual connection is unjustified in our experience. Because as is so often the case, where there’s a will, there’s a way. With introductory meetings, regular (virtual) lunch breaks spent together, and weekly “donuts” where two colleagues meet to simply chat, for example, to create a substitute for the classic coffee machine talk, integration can also work virtually.


Our new recruit Thaís is based in Hamburg and thus joins Dennis (also Hamburg) and Freja (Cuxhaven) regionally in the Team North and Tatiana and Tobias at the departmental level. The three Ts now act as the equivalent of well-known trios such as Three Musketeers and, as the Customer Solutions Team, do everything they can to ensure that our customers successfully manage their partner marketing with our platform.

After a few weeks we can already proudly state that Thaís has settled in very well both socially and professionally and proves every day anew that her arrival on April 1st was far from being an April Fool’s joke but an absolutely deserved new addition to the Ingenious family.


A warm welcome, Thaís!


Below we have asked Thaís a few questions to get to know her a little better.

Thaís Brenda Bille – Customer Solutions Manager

Thaís Brenda Bille was born in Brazil and has been living in Hamburg for almost eight years. She has already been working in the partner marketing industry for several years and contributes extensive experience from her days at a Saas provider, a network and an agency.

My favorite German word? DOCH! I am still not 100% sure if I know when to use it, but it is such a pleasure to end the discussion with “doch”!

Thaís Brenda Bille
Customer Solutions Manager

This is what we really wanted to know about Thaís ..

What are you most looking forward in you new job? I am looking forward to getting more experience in the German market as well as more tech/product knowledge. (And I finally will be able to use and improve my German skills, and that is a huge advantage for me)

What will you contribute as a new team member? :ducky:Slacks emojis for sure. Apart from my years of experience, I think that my curiosity, wish to learn and maybe my language skills are what I can best contribute to the team.

Your favorite spot in Hamburg? If sunny, Planten un Blomen park as well as the Port area. If not sunny, SomeDimSum, because food is always a great idea.

What did you want to grow up to be? I wanted to be an astronomer (I still love everything about space, that is how I ended up marrying an aerospace engineer 😉

What do you miss most from your hometown/Brazil in general? SUN, food and the beach

Mountains or sea? Beach, for sure!

Beer or wine? Coke? I assume, I am a coke addicted

Your favorite food: From Brazil it is actually tricky to say, because I love food in general haha and I miss all of them, but I think that I can say that our sweet pizzas (yes, we do eat sweet pizza) and feijoada (it is done with beans and pork meat). From Hamburg, Franzbrötchen forever!!!

A habit of yours that drives your family/friends crazy: If I sit on the sofa, I belong to the sofa FOR EVER

What was the best advice you ever got? A friend in Brazil once told me that “No price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself” (Nietzsche), and this advice made me realize that I am in the right way.

Please complete this sentence: Partnermarketing for me is  the ability to grow revenue and profit without so much internal effort, having tracking as a foundation part of this relationship.