A New Chapter at Ingenious Technologies: Martin Heymann Takes the Helm

From Day One – Martin’s Journey at Ingenious

Imagine being part of building a platform set to revolutionize online marketing – and that’s exactly what Martin Heymann has done. From the early days of Ingenious Technologies, Martin has been a key contributor to the platform’s construction and success. But what does it really mean to co-create such a system from scratch?

“In the beginning, we faced huge challenges,” Martin shares with a smile. “But in hindsight, it was these very challenges that made us stronger and our platform better.” A particular milestone on this journey? Switching to a completely cloud-based infrastructure. “We were quite innovative early on,” Martin reflects. And he’s right – this decision has significantly shaped Ingenious Technologies and set it on a course for success.

Lessons from a Mentor – Siamak’s Influence on Martin

Every great leader once had a mentor, someone who inspired and taught them to think bigger. For Martin, that person was Siamak Haschemi. “The broader view of things and the question of the first five bad ideas” – these pieces of advice have particularly influenced Martin. This perspective on decision-making and product development is something he will carry into his new role as CTO. “If you don’t know the destination, you won’t find the way,” Martin emphasizes, a maxim that will guide his approach to innovation and leadership at Ingenious.

The Passion That Drives – Martin’s Motivation and Inspiration

What keeps someone at the same company for over 15 years? For Martin, the answer lies in constant change and the opportunity to be part of something greater. “It’s the change that drives me,” says Martin. “That, and the chance to truly understand our customers and work with them on a personal level.” But Ingenious isn’t the only thing keeping Martin busy. Outside the office, he finds a perfect balance in rowing and volunteering. “Rowing is about adjusting to the boat and the moment,” he explains. This mindfulness and change of perspective are what also help him find solutions in his professional life.

“Often, we have to make decisions that will affect our processes and systems for a long time. We are then faced with the challenge of finding the right solution that strikes a good balance between pragmatism and perfectionism.”

Martin Heymann

Looking to the Future – Martin’s Vision for Ingenious

With Martin Heymann at the helm, Ingenious Technologies is entering a new era. An era that will be marked by further innovation, the integration of AI, and the continuous effort to improve customer service and the platform itself. Martin’s vision? A platform that not only meets current customer needs but is also future-proof. “I want us to continue to be at the forefront of innovation and offer our customers solutions that truly make a difference,” Martin states determinedly.

Welcome Aboard, Martin!

Martin Heymann’s story at Ingenious Technologies is one of passion, dedication, and the constant pursuit of improvement. As the new CTO, he not only brings his extensive experience and deep understanding of the platform and customer needs but also a vision for the future. A future in which Ingenious Technologies continues to revolutionize how companies worldwide manage and optimize partnerships.

For customers and partners of Ingenious, Martin’s takeover as CTO means one thing above all: the assurance that their needs are at the forefront and the platform is led by someone who not only understands Ingenious but lives it. Welcome aboard, Martin – we can’t wait to see where the journey takes us!