For over 20 years, affiliate marketing crept into business strategies to become a key revenue driver. Yet at present, research has shown that affiliates contributed only 15% of the total revenue made through digital marketing efforts in the US and 10% globally.

Instead, there is a gradual shift towards other forms of partnerships – organically and unknowingly. Some examples could be product partners, who enable you to expand your offerings to existing customers as an upsell, or even resellers. The availability of such partners are already here, and so is the technology to link them to you! 

First movers in partnership automation

Recognizing this shift, Ingenious has redesigned its Partner Management Platform (PMP) to help businesses manage and automate any form of partnership for growth. With this platform, you can recruit new partners, contract and pay your partners globally, as well as consolidate and leverage all your partners in one place – regardless of the type of partnerships – thereby leading to greater efficiency and productivity.

Some of our clients have recognized and adopted this. One example is Efficient Scale GmbH, a provider and partner marketing agency of a data-driven partner marketplace platform, representing a new type of consumer-oriented model for e-commerce. They identified a growing market need and developed their expertise/service around it, using the Ingenious platform.

“I now have the power to manage all sorts of partnerships globally – be it traditional affiliates, channel partners or others. The opportunities are limitless. These new types of partnerships will allow me to rapidly expand our footprint across new markets, audiences and channels.”
Nick Riegger, Managing Director of Efficient Scale

What the new world of partnership automation looks like

Growing the business is a fundamental concern for any enterprise, so it is natural that it would be your aim too. The good news is: partnership automation provides you with an avenue to achieve that goal, as well as shifts the notion of how growth-focused enterprises fundamentally manage their operations:

1. Incrementally streamlined organization structure

In most organizations, partnerships are managed arbitrarily, spread over an array of departments such as sales, business development and affiliate management. Since the management of their relevant partners is not centralized and each has its own strategic direction, there is no mechanism to measure the productivity and value of each relationship.

Therefore, you need to consider a solution that consolidates your partnerships and provides you with a dashboard to monitor the performance of your partners. Without it, you are sailing a ship where the captain and the crew are not in tandem and sometimes even competing against each other.

2. The concept of partnership automation surpasses marketing partnerships

Marketing is simply one aspect of a complicated relationship businesses have with their partners. There are other factors to consider like the integration of CRM tools and financial processes.

The concept of partnership automation connects the dots from partner recruitment, onboarding, enablement, incentives and payment, thus bringing everything under one unified umbrella. This cross-department integration is key to any partner automation, as it collects comprehensive information of your businesses and gives you an accurate picture of it.

Business. Partners. Growth.

We at Ingenious recognize that successful partnerships are about mutual efforts and rewards based on those efforts. Our mantra is to ensure that our clients work smarter and not necessarily harder. That’s why our platform stitches it all together and enables those in charge of strategic brand partners, influencers, resellers and more to bridge processes, in order to build powerful business partnerships that drive extraordinary growth – something you could not have hoped to achieve with traditional channels!

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