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We warmly welcome our new partner!
We are pleased to welcome another partner in the field of e-commerce.
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Die weitreichenden Auswirkungen des Last-Click Modells auf den Markt
The far-reaching effects of last-click on the market
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It’s been over a decade since the start of affiliate marketing. Some things like types of publishers and their importance have changed drastically since the beginning. Yet, others like attribution hardly changed.
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Public vs private networks – what is better for your affiliate marketing?
The world of affiliate marketing has evolved so quickly in a span of a few years. There has been a strong spike in public networks available and technology partners that offer you the possibility to have your own private network. 
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Affiliate Marketing tot
Is Affiliate Marketing dead?
When reading up about the latest trends in affiliate marketing, you may realise that many speak of the death of affiliate marketing, and this trend started several years ago. How could this be, despite paying affiliates for the leads and sales they bring? Can affiliate...
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Motivate your partners to perform with the right commissions
For many online businesses, working with affiliates and publishers is a norm. Especially when working with a multi-channel strategy, which includes content, search and partner networks. All these channels actually serve the same purpose: They strive to impact existing and potential customers at the right...
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managing vouchers im ecommerce
Managing Vouchers with Ingenious Enterprise
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Vouchers belong to the most popular marketing tools in online marketing. Because they involve your margins, you will find it important to manage your vouchers in the most effective and transparent way possible. The new Ingenious voucher tool allows you to do just that. For...
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